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SLK delivery in Australia moved back? [:(]

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I live in Canberra, Australia.

I have on order an SLK 350. Meant to be made in Feb and delivered in April.

Went to my dealer this morning to ask how it was all going and he said that the Production date has been moved back from Feb to March.

So, delivery date is not MAY not APRIL.

Apparently this is Australia Wide. Can anyone please confirm this or does any know why this has occured.

Kostas (very sad man)[V]
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Hi da_nailgun, My car is being built at the moment and I have been told it will be ready for delivery early to mid-April.

I rang my dealer today after reading your comments and was told they know of no delivery delay in Australia. He also said dealers have been known to say this before when looking for an excuse.

Maybe somebody has jumped the queue on you and this is their excuse.

Perhaps other Aussies waiting on cars can ring their dealers and we will soon find out if their having a lend of you.

Agent 1. [8D]
G'day SLeeK,

Welcome to the site. Can't believe your getting your car so quick. I ordered mine last April and it is due for delivery this April. Even Marshall's and Tynan's saying you can order in October and take delivery in April is great compared to mine. Good luck to you anyway, going to Canberra and getting a car so quick.

What part of Sydney are you from? Give some thought to joining the M.B. Club, we have some great days out and it would be nice to have a fleet of 171's.

Agent 1. [8D]
Hi Alex,

Great to hear you would like to join the Club. If you can make it, our next meeting is Wednesday 2nd of February at 8-00 p.m., at the Canada Bay Club (was Western Suburbs Soccer Club) 4 William Street, Five Dock.

You can join on the night, or anytime on our website

Let me know if your coming on the night and I will have the New Member Manager ( Harry Gage ) look after you very well while I'm running the meeting.

twodogs (Julian) from Wollongong has joined and we are going to meet up with him on a Breakfast Run to Wollongong on the 6th of March.

Look forward to meeting you and seeing the car.

Agent 1. [8D] (Ross)
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G'day roadsta,

Yes, my 350 will be different, probably the only one like it anywhere, but they tell me it only delayed the delivery by one month. Can't say what it is at the moment, but I will post some photos when it arrives.

When I ordered the car back in April last year, I was told it would be December at the earliest and maybe as late as March 2005. Not sure how the system works, but it looks like a bit of luck comes into it as well. You must be very pleased getting what you wanted so quickly.

Good luck with your beautiful red car, my SLK 230 was Magna Red and looked fantastic.

Agent 1. [8D]
G'day malibuite,

Ya mate I guess we are and being in the Mercedes-Benz Club is a great way to enjoy your car. Can you imagine anything better than going on a day out with maybe 20 or 30 different model Mercedes and a fleet of say 10 or 12 171'S leading the parade.

You must have M.B. Clubs over your way, if so, think about joining and you'll meet some great people and really enjoy sharing your car with them, as we do on this forum.[:D]

Good luck and best wishes,

Agent 1. [8D]
Nice photo roadsta,

I originally ordered your red and then changed my mind, because my 170 was red and thought I should do something different. See photo attached. Hope I'm happy with the Iridium Silver, but as I said it will be different. I went to the National Rally in QLD last April and met a lot of the M.B. Club members, they seemed to be a good bunch.

da_nailgun, I think your right you might be the only one. Have another talk to your dealer and tell him it appears you are the only one in Aust. that has his car put back a month. See what they say.

Agent 1. [8D]


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G'day Anthony,

Welcome to the site. Nice to get another Sydney sider especially one with a AMG 55.

What colour combination did you go for and which dealer?

Agent 1. [8D]
Hi Anthony,

Sorry to hear were going to lose you and your car to Qld. The black with the Designo Black/Red interior looks quite stunning in the photos and with the 55 it comes at no extra cost.

You obviously haven't had trouble keeping your black looking good, if your going for it again? The black looks great, but I think it would be too much work for an old guy like me.

Agent 1. [8D]
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