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SLK Comparo in Road & Track Posted Now

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Don't trade in your R170 for the latest model yet. Although they said nice things about the Benz, it fell to last place.
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It was a race track comparo against the likes of Corvettes and Porsches; they should have used an SLK55, not an SLK350. In spite of that, the R-171 did track times very close to the twice as expensive Porsche, and was the only hardtop convertible in the the test. The idea of declaring a "winner" in such a radically mixed field of entries based on subjective opinions was sort of silly anyway.
I think the SLK350 did very well in the comparison. The car definitely good power which is often one of the most expensive things to change. The only thing that really hurt it was a softer suspension but that is easily changed and is cheap. It was only a little slower than the highly praised Elise and with a suspension change it would likely beat the Elise.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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