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slk 230 starting problem cranks

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i have a 1996 slk 230 auto i bought it with the problem im having cheap enough so hopefully someone can shed some light so far i have:
changed the cps
changed the k40 relay
checked fuel
all is good the car turns on the key it fires up then stops before idling when this happens the car shuts the spark off
when i got the car it has the 3 pin plug down on the drivers foot well looks like an immobilizer key hole ive traced the wires and they go into the alarm the problem came about when then battery went flat on the car a year ago and had the problem since.
any ideas i have browsed the forum and the have seen similar problems but not the same.
the car unlocks and tries to start on the key
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with the ECU coding or rather introducing it to the rest of the system can be done with carsoft or STAR DAS (dealer).

if the old ecu is still talking the software copies the settings and then asks you to replace the ecu. once in it writes the old ecus coding to the new. if the old ecu is not talking then it can be manually coded only by dealer.

with the key and transponder this is a dealer job as it links into the immobilizer. ecu failing and keys failing are rare...

if the immobilizer has failed the car wouldn't start at all and START ERROR would come up on the dash. the key is being authenticated as it is starting...
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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