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slk 230 starting problem cranks

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i have a 1996 slk 230 auto i bought it with the problem im having cheap enough so hopefully someone can shed some light so far i have:
changed the cps
changed the k40 relay
checked fuel
all is good the car turns on the key it fires up then stops before idling when this happens the car shuts the spark off
when i got the car it has the 3 pin plug down on the drivers foot well looks like an immobilizer key hole ive traced the wires and they go into the alarm the problem came about when then battery went flat on the car a year ago and had the problem since.
any ideas i have browsed the forum and the have seen similar problems but not the same.
the car unlocks and tries to start on the key
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any ideas really at a lose end with this
done abit more i have power to the coils 12v perm and no ground from the ecu that why im not getting a spark has any body come across this thanks
the hasnt run for a year and the alarm that is in is a Mercedes one the one that looked after market ie it still all plugged to the main one via splitters i took out but this did not cure the problem so put back in.
the alarm all works as it should put the battery on the alarm goes off bonnet open press button alarm stops and it does turn over which the alarm stops
thanks for reply
I had the same problem occur a few years ago. It turned out to be the fuel pump. Make sure you have your fuel pressure checked. It may be something as simple as a fuel filter plugged up or the crankshaft position sensor not working correctly. In any case it sounds like you have checked the ignition system thoroughly. Do the same with the fuel system.
ive checked the filter so you would suggest tring the pressure whats the pressure at the rail supposed to be i have crimped the return off already that did not have an effect on the car and crank position has been checked and replaced thanks for reply i will som how get a gauge attached in at the moment its on the hold as i im just changing an engine in another car
sorry for the late update just to let you all know i ended up buying another ecu and key and transponder is there a way of coding these up i thought they would be plug in and play with all the things i had the car turns over only three times if i to ignition fast other wise it doesnt do anything
any ideas
Many thanks
the car does turn over on the orignal ecu and key but does not start has compression and fuel and spark so can only put it down to the ecu doesnt come up with any codes but does read it.
the new one does not turn at all so this would need to be coded to the car is it a dealer only that can do this or can it be done else were as they like to charge 125 plus vat a hour
thanks for reply
right did abit more on the car today and found out with the orignal ecu the spark only works when i turn the key straight to start if i put into pistion 2 first it doesnt spark

im losing all hope for this now ready just to strip it and scrap the ecu still isnt bringing any codes up i know it has fuel and spark can be achevied by flicking the key straight on but its find the cause as im losing the will to live
thanks for advise
Right i have now got the car into the garage as its been a while since i can work on it i have took the hydrolic lifters out as they had gone solid gave it a new oil filter and oil
checked the fuel pressure and its at 55psi
the car only starts if it is left for a good week and then it runs on two the compression on all cylinders is at 180 psi on all bores also

what else could this be im really struggling now like you wouldnt believe i may just scrap the car its had new coils new plugs new leads
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