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Slk 230 kompressor problems

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Hi i have a 2000 slk 230 kompressor,
I was wondering how i could fix my window on the passenger side. When it closes it doesnt go up all the way the front of the window towards the hood doesnt go all the way up and there is a gap. Is it the mechanics in the door or the top that the window touches?

Also im intrested in buying a chrome grille for my car is there any place i can look for 200$ or less
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If you do quick search, there maybe more topic with more details to answer your window questions.

But, here is my take on this as I had similar problem in the past.
You can open the inner door liner to give you access to your windows & the mechanical parts. There should be x bracing like that goes up and down connected to the motor. I believe, you can adjust this x bracing to level your window & to limit the travel. Again, it's been years since I opened it to adjust it.

Someone may have more detailed instruction on how to troubleshoot it. :rolleyes:
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