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SLK 220 - Automatic Gearbox problem

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and am hoping someone can help me with a slight problem on my UK spec 1999 SLK 220 Kompressor (62,000 miles/100,000 Km).
When I put my foot down hard with the gearbox in automatic mode, the car accelerates but then keeps holding back (almost like stuttering) and just doesn't want to accelerate smoothly. If I then push the stick accross to the manual setting it accelerates perfectly with no hesitation or holding back??
The gearbox works perfectly at all general around town speeds, it's just when I try to accelerate hard.
I tried to check the gerabox oil in case this was low and an easy fix but found that the car doesn't have a dipstick as expected? Can I make my own dipstick or does anyone have any other suggestions as to a possible cause.
Many thanks in advance
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