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I have a 2001 model SLK 200, and I have some problems with the central locking systems and the interior light.

I changed the PSE in 2007 due to almost the same problems as today. In 2007 the central lock started to malfunction and in the end it didn't work at all. When I took out the PSE back then, it was full of water and I just had to buy a new one.

Today the problems is that I can't use the central console button to lock the car, neither when the engine is off or when the engine is on. I can use the remote key to lock and unlock, this works just fine, so it seems the PSE is in order. I opened the PSE and there were some moisture and corrosion, but I cleaned this, and I find it strange that the remote key can lock/unlock, but the button inside the car doesn't work.

When I'm inside the car and lock with remote key (towards the sensor), and turn on the engine, the button in the central console can unlock the doors, but then if try this button to lock again, nothing happens.

Also, the interior light stays on after I leave the car and lock with the remote key.

As I understand this, the interioe light is connected to the PSE in some way, so I'm hoping for help on both the central lock problem and the light problem before I consider buyin an new PSE again (it's really expensive).

Is there anyone out there that can help me with this???

Another thing is if I have the doors open and press remote key for locking, the door lock doesn't go totally down on the drivers side, but it goes all the way down on the passengers side. My local MB dealer said it could be something with the doorknob inside the door, but this is strange because if I close the doors and lock from inside the car, both the pins in the dsoors go down like thay should.
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