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Slightly OT: W126 Made of...

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I was pretty bored the past few days in between classes, and instead of doing what I should have been doing (talking to girls), I decided to make a Gen II W126 out of LEGOs. I made it 040 black :)D) with gray lower cladding (possible to switch to Gen I cladding, by the way.) with a palomino interior. Arguably champignon.

Also possible is an AMG body kit, but I didn't equip it for the photo op. I can upload them if you want to see em.

Anyways, as built, it's a 560SEL, with individual power front and rear seats. Has to be a Euro, as it has no sunroof, the wheels are reminiscent of the Evo W201, strangely LEGO doesn't make Aero Is :rolleyes:. It's pretty big (5.5 ish by 11-13 inches), and all the doors, the hood and the boot open.

Continuing the nerdiness in the dining hall, I check out the specs, and at a whopping 550 pieces, it costs.... $110 bucks :eek::eek:

Still contemplating whether to buy this or one of the 1:18 models...



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