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Sliding Roof Manual Crank Difficult ?

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Is the sunroof supposed to manually crank easy, medium, or difficult ? I used a allen key which has about a 4" handle, and it was medium to difficult to do. Just wandering if it was supposed to be easy, as I having opening issues with it.
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It closes,pops up, and goes down by switch. Won't open by switch.
I have cleaned and lubed tracks.
The fuse under rear seat is good, I don't know what the PSE is so I have not checked it.
I have adjusted the roof.
It did sync one time, then after I opened and closed it twice, it quit opening again and sync doesn't help. Is it supposed to be easy to crank open ? Thanks
From all that you probably are a "Sliding Roof Expert". I just reset the motor to glass position again, per step 6 of the Videos. Thinking I might have did something wrong the first time. No help, but I did notice this during the process. With motor dangling I ran it in all positions of the switch, and the open position will not turn the motor, the relays attached to the motor do not engage in switch slide open position, but relays do work in all other positions. This tells me the motor and relays are good. So I use the key in the door to open all windows and roof, windows open but roof did not. I then crank roof open and use key in door to close it. I then disconnect the switch and use key to open all windows and roof, windows open but again no roof. So I crank the roof open, and use key to close the window and roof, they all close. This tells me that the switch is not used when key/remote is used to open and close the windows/roof. So that should eliminate the switch as the problem. Per the attached diagram, the roof gets it's open signal from N10. I don't think N10 is sending the signal, is there a way to reset it ?
I appreciate the help.


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Yea, I have tried that too. It only worked for a couple times though.
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