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Sliding Roof Manual Crank Difficult ?

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Is the sunroof supposed to manually crank easy, medium, or difficult ? I used a allen key which has about a 4" handle, and it was medium to difficult to do. Just wandering if it was supposed to be easy, as I having opening issues with it.
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If it won't slide open and fuses look good and switch works. I suggest taking off the glass before something really goes wrong! I really messed up mine thinking if it opens, if I help it open, if it cranks open maybe it would fix itself. Well, just like common sense tells you, nothing fixes itself and it didn't and I played with it enough that a cable snapped and it was stuck open, the drip rail arm broke and if the cable broke you won't crank it closed! I would study the sunroof video and take the glass off and see what you see. I just rebuilt mine after my disaster! New R/L cables($25 per on ebay) new R/L sliders($20 per from stealer), new drip rail ($100 from stealer), new baffle( $30 from stealer) 3 sunroof visor sliders ($9 per :eek:). I bought other stuff from the dealer so I asked him to include a teaspoon of grease which is more than enough for the job.

I had to replace the slider rail because the slider was out of the track and crimped the rail closed enough that it couldn't pass through. I don't wish that on anyone! The whole headliner had to come down just to get 1 torx screw in the back of the rail!!

Anyway, after researching, junkyarding, part buying, taking off the glass like 5 times and studying the parts I feel like I'm a half-witted expert.

from start to finish yesterday the R/L slider, baffle and drip rail R&R took 2 of us 45 min. Add the R/L cables which I did earlier add 10min. It's not that bad!!!

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does ur sync like the video?

My 98 e-430 doesn't sync like stated in the video but like the user manual says(what a concept). I simply, from the closed position, tilt the sunroof and hold the tilt position until it clicks a second or 2 later. That's the whole sync process. When I tryed like the video stated, my motor would only work in 2 of the 4 positions.
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