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I went to my job interview last week in St. Louis and after about three hours with the owners and other managers, the CEO asked me what my hobbies are, naturally I said "cars". He then proceeded to ask me if I saw anything in the parking lot that I like. "yeah, that SL55 is nice"...

"No, thats an SL65, would you like to drive it?" he said.

After about 30 seconds of not breathing, I said "yes, please"

All the eyes dropped at that moment, he just got the car two weeks prior, and its under 1k miles and still being broken in. His son's who are the VP's have not even driven this car! So, we walk to the hallway to fetch the keys, he ask's if I am familiar with "keyless-go" I said yes, but my escort does not have it.

Walking out of the building, there it is, in two parking spaces so nobody gets close, the prettiest Mercedes I have ever seen. Black on black, 19 inch wheels, 15inch eight piston brakes....

So I get in, familiarize myself with a car that is slightly different than my 89 escort. Push the start button on the gear shifter and it roars to life, I heave never, never heard something that sounded like this car, it actually resonates in your chest....

He asks if I like to drive fast, "yes, but this is your baby, I am not going to hurt your 200k machine"

"don't worry" he says, yeah right, I can imagine my wife hanging me for the bill if I even scratched it.

Anyways, so I I pull out on the street and give it a little gas, there goes 40, 60, 80! but I barely even touched it. Then he says, "josh, this is a deserted street, no cops, besides, the radar detector is right here, GET ON IT!"

HOLY ****! the pedal hits the floor and the tail snaps out just a little, then the traction comes on and boom, 100, 130, 140, brakes!!! "we are on a side street in a St. Louis business park, I gotta slow down" I am thinking to myself.

"Take a right up here, lets get on the freeway, and floor it, pass the guy up ahead before you merge, you can do it".

"OK" but I am feeling a little speed drunk, yeah, I wanna pass that ******* too.

125mph before I got on the freeway, I didn't even need to shift, this car does not even feel like it has a transmission, more like 1 gear that just keeps going and going.

so I slow down to about 70mph and settle in for a cruise when the boss says "get over in the third lane but punch it as you change lanes"

"OK" BAM, pedal hits the floor again, by the time I am in the third lane, 135mph. and the biggest **** eating grin I have ever felt.(****, I am still grinning writing this a week later). I think it's good that this car has a gevernor at 150 or so because that speed is so easy in the car and so addictive, I could see myself needing rehab soon....

I drove it for about a mile more before the next exit came on, and at this point I am trying to call my caraholic brother to let him hear the beast, but no answer, oh well, next time Jordy...

Well, the trip back to the office was slower, but damn, I will never forget the ride.

604hp Biturbo v12
73? lbs torque
0-60 3.8
1/4 11.8


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That's really good to hear. Maybe the boss want you to know, with a great machine, you have to use it to the fullest to get the best out of it. Just like when you are in a good company, you have to work the hardest to get the best out of it.

Good luck at your job...hope u will hv a chance to drive that beast again.

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i would be scared to have a boss like that. but at least it shows the company is making money.

well done, for getting the job.
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