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1992 500 SL
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I am seeing a lot of SL55's for sale and people having trouble getting their value from them. I lost my SL55 in a wreck but before the wreck I tested the waters for a sale and only had very low ball offers.

With this economy there are not many people who want to spend 40-50k on a 5 year old car coming out of warranty with a high cost of repair.

How about trading?

One option for those who do not need cash in hand is trading either for another car, or even better, other assets that are temporarily hard to sell but in a year or two will be worth even more money while cars will keep going down in value.

Like a lot of people in this economy I have a lot of assets but do not desire to spend much of my cash. I wouldn't mind trading assets at today's value even though my assets will be worth more in a couple of years.

I am sure I am not the only one who would enjoy doing some trading. Its more fun than cash anyway.

Anyone open to a trade, let me know.
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