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SL55 AMG Wheels

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I have a 2007 SL55 AMG with HRE wheels and Pirelli tires.

I wish to replace the HREs and purchase the original OEM wheels. The build sheet reflects 19" x 8.5" for the front and 19" x 9.5" for the rear. Hollander's part numbers are 85039 and 85040 respectively.

I'd also consider trading the HREs and tires for the OEM wheels.

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Still have the HRE's? If so what size are they?
Hows the condition? Interested in just selling them instead of trading?
427shark - sorry for the delay...holidays. I'm very reluctant to sell the wheels alone as I won't need the tires for anything else. I'd leave it to you to dispose of the tires as you see fit or sell them. According to HRE, they hold their value pretty well, albeit the wheels are over 10 years old that are in decent condition. With tires and wheels together, I'd settle for $2200.
Thanks for the reply. It would cost me around$1600 to refinish assuming that they are true with no bends. At that point it wouldn't make too much sense for me to have that much tied up in them at your asking price. If anything changes let me know. Thanks
I appreciate your choice to potentially have the wheels refinished, but that is your choice. When I find the wheels that I'm seeking, I may choose to have them refinished too. The wheels are true as there was concern on my part too. I've had the local Mercedes dealer true up one wheel, and I've had a company Nu Wheel true up another.
Understood & I didn't mean to come across abrupt if I did. With that said if you are willing to work with me on price alittle pm me and we can work it out
Hey I actually just purchased a set of wheels earlier this week. Thank you though
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