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I need help, I have a 1999 SL 500, my remote key is not able to lock or open the doors but works ok on the trunck. The local independent MB guy used it computer unit. The message that came back was that the radio frequency infrared control module was defective. Here is the problem. MB does not sell anymore this unit, model 129 820 37 26. The unit was manufactured by Siemens. I called Siemens and they do not manufactured it also. I searched the web and found a company in China that sell the Siemens or an OEM. Before I purchased the unit for $175. us dollars I would like to know the follwing
1) any one had that experience
2) will I need new keys
3) would it be better to buy an after market remote system and which company:surrender: should I consider
Thanks for your help
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