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sl 30-24valve gearbox no shift from 4 to 5 sometimes !!!!!!!

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hi i have sl 30-24valve 1991 year and i have problem with gearbox sometimes no shift from 4 to 5 speed or shift to 5 and again go to 4 speed if someone can help me ????????
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I'm assuming you have a 722.5xx transmission.

This may be a easy fix. The shifter has a electrical switch that is toggled to engage the fifth gear, and it may be cleaned at times, but the switch can be bypassed, and tested with another switch in parallel to qualify the problem.

I hope this helps you trace the problem,


On the (your drivers side) transmission rim where the pan mates-up on the side. The model number appears with a few other numbers, or you can post your vin here I can look-up what you have.

Fifth gear is engaged by mechanical switch on the shifter. Then the switch triggers the shift solenoid on the transmission. On my S320, the shifter is different then on the SL's. I'm pretty sure you google your problem on the web. This is a common problem with the 722.5.

In the coming weeks, I will take my transmission apart, and get to the shifter to post some pictures.

1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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