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sl 30-24valve gearbox no shift from 4 to 5 sometimes !!!!!!!

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hi i have sl 30-24valve 1991 year and i have problem with gearbox sometimes no shift from 4 to 5 speed or shift to 5 and again go to 4 speed if someone can help me ????????
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hi again thanks you try to help ... the gearbox is 722.5xx i .. i tell what i do till now i
change oil and filter - i adjust the cable frond and back this for the kickdown still nothing
hi again !!!!!!!!!! thanks all for the help you give ... i find the problem today i check the switch for to the shift knob was ok i clean the fuse and close litle the pins and everything ok the problem was the two pins my car is working again just fine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):thumbsup:
the switch on the shift knob who read the 4 speed have two switch one for the sport - economy and one who read the 4 speed the switch was ok but the fuse this switch have the problem have no good contact i just close the pins litle
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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