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Singapore import ..code readings.

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My 97 E200 is imported from singapore.Im in New Zealand .Every time we try to get code readings from my mates device ,it wont let us in due to it being from singapore.He says different software .Nearest merc dealership is 5 hours drive away.They say they are the only people who have the right software to read singapore imports.My friend device gets in but when it scans it seems to just stop workin or boot us out....If anyone knows a way around this or just has something to add ..please do......Im a novice ....:confused:
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What device is your friend using and how is he connecting it? I'm guessing you don't have an OBD-II port under the dash, so just the 38 pin diag port under the hood, correct?

A modern OBD-II reader may read codes through that port with the help of an adapter cable that goes between the reader cable connection and the diag port. Some have mentioned it, I keep waiting for someone to try it. Perhaps you can be the guinea pig? Both are available on Ebay.

Or you can get the multiplexer setup with Carsoft 7.4 software on a laptop and go to it that way. There is other software that is generic and will not properly read codes.

To my knowledge the fact that it was from Singapore is irrelevant. With the advent of OBD-II MB settled on the diag codes up in the stickies, and they are the same wherever the car was sent. In the US we can use the OBD-II port to read them, but they're still the same codes you should get through the proper interface.

Take care and enjoy the ride,
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