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Sincere Thank you

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hi guys, wife totaled our 2005 C230 and I won't be on this forum anymore. Fortunately, she was unhurt. It's been so helpful to me to come here and get answers, cruise for solutions and get helpful insight into keeping my c230 on the road these last 7 years. I did the ipod, door pull and trunk release fixes as a result of your posts. I got so much help on a few other issues I had and it was always a pleasure coming here. Of course, I spent $1,100 fixing the motor mounts and vacuum pump two days before the wreck but such is life. Maybe those fixes enabled the accident to be much less impactful to her than it was? Good news, I'm sticking around here and with Mercedes since I just bought a 2013 E350 Sport. Thanks again!
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Very glad to hear your wife is okay. One of the best features we hope we never need to test is the MB crash safety designed into their chassis.

And congrats on the E350 - awesome choice.
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