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Bad move by both parties.

More than 75% of the teams are based or have major operations for F1 racing based in England. I really hope they hope to continue to race there.

Maybe there are some closed door talks to bring Brands Hatch back into the F1 race schedule. There is plenty of time to get that great old track back up to F1's current standards.

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Let the negotiations one wants to give up a race that draws 350.000 people...
Apparently negotiations between the owners of the Silverstone circuit, which is the British Racing Drivers Club = BRDC, and the new F1 owners have been going on for month on the QT. According to the pundits the new F1 owners are keen to keep the circuit on the calendar and have been bending over backwards, including an offer to finance and run the remaining races of the Silverstone contract themselves.
Perhaps I am overreacting, but in view of today's spectacular F1 show put on by Liberty / F1 rights holders around Trafalgar Square and Whitehall, serving as good advertisement for the Silverstone Grand Prix, for BRDC to loudly announce in the press their cancellation of the contract seem to be in less than good taste. Even if legally the contract had to be cancelled prior to the race, they could have done so with less fanfare imo.
Could it come back to bite the BRDC in the a(hem) posterior? :devil

I think the BRDC's former long time president Damon Hill would have handled things differently.
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