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Signal lights turning on wipers....

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Hi I was wondering if anyone has their windshield wipers turn on when they turn their signal light on. It doesn't always happen but the wipers will also randomly turn on when you turn on the engine even with the wiper knob turned to 0. I appreciate any ideas that you guys may have.
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Hi, Bob. Please click the User CP link and complete your BW profile re: vehicle and location as that is often useful information.

One of two things come immediately to mind, either the combination switch is loose and not making correct contact or the combo switch is failing. If you're a DIY-er disconnect the battery and remove the wheel and clock spring and get down to the combo switch, then you can tell. You can also inspect the connector and remove the thing and blast it with electrical contact cleaner, then let dry and reassemble. If it still does it, then replace.

If you're not a DIY type then it's cheaper to just have the switch replaced than to play with it. The job is more labor cost than parts cost, so no reason to pay labor to have them play around with things, just swap and go. If you have a good indie you trust you may well be able to order the part online and then take it to him/her.

Take care and enjoy the ride,
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