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2000 CLK430 2010 S550 4matic
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Have a 2000 CLK430 with about 67K. Temps here in Missouri are about 106 in the afternoon. When I turn the car on after it has been sitting for about 20 minutes the car starts to cool slowly. Evap temp sensor drops to about 52 at idle with fan on high. Outside fans are on. Evap sensor will only drop when I idle the car to 2000 rpms. During normal driving after about 10 minutes the sensor will drop to about 44 fan still on high to cool the interior but will slowly increase to about 48 or more unless the rpms are up. If I raise it to 3000 rpms at idle the temps will drop to about 38 - fan 1 less than max. At normal idle the temps will shoot up to about 44 or more.

In normal temps in the 90 range the system will always go to about 38 at idle with fan at 5 bars - at 4 bars it will drop to 37-36 and won't go any lower normally. Can sit at idle for a while and the temps never go up.

Is this normal due to the excess heat? Its not like the evap temps will shoot up to the 50's or more

What should the range normally be at idle and at normal highway speeds. Mine at highway gets in the 40-42 range - sometimes as low as 38-39 with fan speed manually set at 4 bars.

What I do notice is the 7 sensor (bar pressure) can go as high as 22 at idle and during normal driving it goes to about 15-16. Highway it goes to about 12 bar.
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