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Side doors with glass

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Hi guys

Looking to get some glazed side doors for my 2000 110CDI as they are currently solid. I have found a few. The best ones are from a V280. Will they fit?

I have found 2 sets. 1 has 'sliding glass' the other set are glazed and opening. ARe there different openings and which is the best? :confused:


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Any idea what sort of money it is to have glass fitted as by the time I have purchased these doors and had them sprayed etc it may be cheaper to just have some installed.

Are the sliding type the best to have? windows that is

Excellent, cheers clown 216 will check it out. Defo want them to open if pos. No a/c on my van which makes touring in europe in the summer a bit warm, especially as my van is black which really doesnt help. Took the pollen filter out 12 months ago and was amazed at how much difference that made. From a trickle to a torrent!
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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