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Shumi to Renault!!

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Schumacher has been approached by Flavio,,,,,,,,,,

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Well, thanks for the recap. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE CHANCES ARE????? [:D]
Well, I will confess. I am a Renault fan. AND a Flavio fan. He obviously has figured out how to win.

Whats interesting is M.S. said a few years ago, he was going to finish his career at Ferrari. Today, is reporting Schumacher said,

"I can only say that I would like to take all the time necessary to decide and to fully think about things."

However, can Renault AFFORD him? There are rumblings they are getting OUT of F1.

As for Schumacher driving for a German team, for me, its a non-factor. Would it be NICE? Nah. Besides; BMW? GOD NO. McLaren? I dont really see this either. Ron Dennis? It just doesnt compute.
Now there is a chassis.
They are all Heidi's in Flav's world, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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