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Shumi to Renault!!

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Schumacher has been approached by Flavio,,,,,,,,,,

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In 91 Schumacher got his start with the Jordan team and moved to the Briatore run Benneton team. The Benneton team later was powered by Renault and now carries that name. In 94 & 95 Schumacher led the team to their championship with a Renault powered car. When he moved from Benneton to Ferrari in 96, he took both Ross Brawn and chief designer Rory Byrne with him. I think he still has a few years of top notch racing left in him. Horst K
Eff1 - 4/13/2006 5:39 PM

Well, thanks for the recap. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE CHANCES ARE????? [:D]
In my armchair opinion none, provided Ferrari becomes more competitive. But if Renault can keep the advantage, who knows?? It would be nice to see Schumacher finish his career with a German backed team. Mercedes MacLaren, considering their regimented management style, hmm I dont know. BMW with the personalities involved, even less likely. But let me dust off my chrystal ball and hope for an exiting season. Maybe we can infuse some life into this dormant forum. Horst K P.S. Re. my recap, I saw my first F-1 race as a little kid at the original Nuerburgring Nordschleife, over 20km (ca.13 mile) and have since followed F-1 from four Continents.
Renault are definitely in a class by themselves. Briatore is a great team manager, but does not seem to be a class act. After that Heidi Klum thing. Now there is a chassis.
Eff1 - 4/15/2006 7:40 AM

Now there is a chassis.
They are all Heidi's in Flav's world, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Good point, or the Italian version of stiff upper lip.
My Finnish neighboor Kary and I watch a lot of F-1 together, which has made for some interesting exchanges in the past. At least this year we can agree on Rosberg. Horst K
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