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My 03 E320
7" Alpine IVA-w505/P1 with bluetooth, removable navigation unit, ipod video/usb connection in glove compartment
7" headrest monitors

about to add Sirius backseat tv and radio,
upgrade the speakers and amplifier
maybe add a game console


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I have 2004 c320 coupe that comes with a handsfree phone system original mercedes system at the center console. I would like to attach it to my Iphone 3gs (iphone 4). The car is manual transmission and so I badly need the I handsfree system.
I found on the ebay of the iphone bluetooth system;
Mercedes Benz Bluetooth Adapter NEW B 6 7 87 6131
B67876131 SAME AS B67875878 with MONEY BACK GUARANTEE *

Will it work on my system, please see picture. Thanks for your kind help


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Explain why the conversions in the metric system are easier to make than conversions in the US system of measurements. Please show or explain your reasoning with an example.

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This is what USED to be in my car. Its now sitting in my other room gathering dust, until I find another benz for it. Cuz it was tearing this one to shreds on a fourth of the power it needed.

Besides, that poor little 15 got me into a bit of trouble with the local authorities. I kid you not it single handedly made my sunroof leak a little. And it almost completely ruined the rear deck, and destroyed the passive speaker.

And about the metric system conversions compared to imperial. The metric system uses bases of 10s. The imperial system uses a whole bunch of different bases and usually makes no sense to anyone. End of story.

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Mercedes Benz 190e 2.3 built for SQ.
  • Zender body kit
  • Eibach 2" Lowering Springs
  • MB Wheels #847
  • Complete woodgrain kit
  • 35% Lumar Window Tint
  • More to come...
  • Panasonic CQ-C7413U head unit
  • Clarion Pro Audio 2060 cd changer & 1060 controller
  • Phoenix Gold PLD-1
  • Phoenix Gold EQ-215x
  • Phoenix Gold Frank Amp'n Stein
  • Lanzar Pro Plus Series 12" DVC 4ohm subs (x4, yes. there's 4 12's in it.)
  • AVI 1" tweeters (dash) (x2)
  • AVI MX-100 4" midrange (lower dash and rear deck) (x4)
  • AVI MX-160 6.5" midrange (doors) (x2)
  • AVI XN-24E crossovers (x2)
  • Phoenix Gold 1 farad cap, interconnects (7 sets), power wire (0/4 guage), fuses (x2) & circuit breakers (x3)
  • Stinger 1 farad digital cap hidden in trunk
  • Stinger SVMB (console)
  • 2 Batteries (nothing special yet..) (one in trunk, one in front)
  • Get better batteries
  • Replace Frank with something more powerful and more modern
  • Building Fiberglass kick panels/pods to hold 8" AVI sub's
  • Rip everything out and Second Skin the entire car, Then put everything back in.
  • Remove the old alarm & install a Viper.
  • Recover all of the black speaker grills. (No color change, black)
  • Find some nice AMG wheels. (Willing to trade wheels/tires!)
  • Put some tweeters in the back. (AVI of course)
You sir win the award for the best install iv seen in the cleanest old mercedes Iv ever seen.

If only I had the time, money, and tools to do such wonders with sound to my car.

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... the car still got the original Bose system, original Becker head unit with Aux, added HD radio adapter, bluetooth, USB charging ports, USB mp3 player, iPod, and tablet.
Within minutes, all can be put away or back in with different "flavors".
The center console stayed ... a virgin.
Only a fool would have all that in the car while driving so exercise discretion for safe driving, please.


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I installed this Double din Eclipse dvd navi, in my 2001 Clk430
Using the stock bose amp and speakers.
All Which work flawlessly and sound great...

Photos won't upload from my phone?

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1982 300D Custom Install

I have been toying around for a long time with installing a new stereo in my car. I have finally (after 4 months of gathering equipment) come to what I feel is a drastic improvement over the stock stereo, albeit my 14 year old son and wife disagrees, he really liked the push button am/fm tuner, and wife feels I ruined the nostalgia of the car. Although both have points, I just had to do something more as a self proclaimed audiophile I just wasn't happy any longer with the sound that the stock stereo was putting out.

I have absolutely no affiliation with the brand(s) that I have used in this car, and I have completely different setups in my other cars. Through my research this is what happens to fit, and having been with this setup now for a month, I know it works.

Gear List:

-Kenwood KIV-BT901
-Kenwood CMOS-200 Rear View Camera
-Kenwood KCA-SR50 (Sirius Satellite Tuner)
-JL Audio C2-350x 3-1/2" Evolution C2 Series 2-way Speakers Front Speakers
-JL AUDIO C2-525x 5.25" Coaxial Speakers 2-way Rear Deck Speakers
-JL Audio 8w7A-3 Subwoofer in JL Spec Sealed Box
-JL Audio 300/4 Amplifier
-JL Audio 500/1 Amplifier w/ JL Audio RBC-1 (Bass Boost Controller)
-Plugable USB 2.0 2 Port Hub
-Monster XLN16S-50SB Standard Speaker Cable 100 Ft
-25 feet of KnuKonceptz KCA Kable 0 Gauge Power Wire Red
-Monster 300 Series PowerSplit 2 Distribution Block - One 1/0 Gauge Input/Three 4 Gauge Outputs (MPC P300 CPS2-2)
-Monster MPC I304 4C-5M Extra Low Noise 4-Channel Car Stereo RCA Cables (5 meters)
-Monster MPC I302 2C-6M Extra Low Noise 2-Channel Car Stereo RCA Cables (6 meters)
Xscorpion Manl02p Fuse Holder w/ 150amp mini ANL Fuse

I chose the Kenwood head unit for its ability to work with my Zune, IPOD as well as a USB thumb drive. All controls for these units are through the head unit. It also has an optional rear camera installed that works really well.

I wanted speakers that would fit in the stock locations, and the JL Audios fit the bill.

The subwoofer was a real challenge as I really wanted to save as much trunk space as possible, and able to get to the spare tire if need be. The 8" subwoofer puts out great bass and takes up minimal room. The box was fabricated with 3/4" MDF sealed built to JL Audio Specs for this particular subwoofer. The first aid kit was pulled out and the opening works perfect for this installation.

Settings and Crossover Points for Speakers:

My settings on the sub amp (500/1):

Infrasonic Filter (OFF)
BASS EQ (ON) Q=1.1, Center Freq=40, Boost (controlled by remote bass port) LP FILTER 24db at 85hz

My settings on the satellite amp (300/4)

Rear Channel
Freq Range x1, 24db, 80hz, High Pass
Front Channel
Freq Range x1, 24db, 250hz, High Pass

Overall I am very happy with this setup and the way it sounds. I listen mostly to classic rock, metal, jazz, and even a little classical. If you were to get a 500/1 amplifier I would suggest plugging in the RBC-1 from JL Audio in order to fine tune the bass


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How to enter engineering menu for 2004 W211 Japanese Command

How to enter engineering menu for 2004 W211 Japanese Command (Pics Attached)

I have attached a photo of the Command unit from my 2004 E500 (Japanese Spec)... Can someone guide me how to get into Engineering mode for this unit.... I have not seen a similar unit in any of the forums...

The unit comes with a built-in DVD player hidden below the LCD display screen that slides up for DVD loading/ejecting and an MD player above the LCD and also hidden behind the downward sliding LCD screen. The six disc CD changer resides behind the motorized wooden panel below the head unit.

Anyone familiar with this type? CODES?


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Thanks Forum;

This could not have been done without the help of several people here. You all know who you are, and Thanks.
It works great ( as well as 6 year old tech can ) and I don't know how I drove without it.

:) Good to see someone else can help you on the Command retrofit, is do you have a complete part needed for the upgrade? Where did you get those cables?
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