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Should temp panel buttons light up?

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I own a black 2001 SL500. One pet peeve however. There are no lights on the temperature panel buttons. I end up having to hit the internal light near rear view window to change settings at night.

Is there a fuse problem or do they simply not light up.
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Is anyone at all able to answer this?
Yup. Everything should light up, Cher.

There is no dedicated fuse for the controller illumination. Assuming other components light up, then the problem is likely a bad bulb in the controller.

On the older-style controller, the bulb is easily accessible, and I would assume this is true of the newer-style like you have as well. All you have to do is remove the controller. You do this by inserting a pair of DIN radio removal tools into the openings on the face of the unit and pulling out. These tools are all over eBay for about $10 if you need them.
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