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Should I use Mobil 1 Tri Syn 20W 50W

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I've spent the last two days reading many posts about recommended oil types and changing intervals. Unfortunatly most of the posts I've read are in reference to E-Class and C-Class Mercedes. Since the S-Class are so much larger, I would imagine whats great for the E and C Classes may not be so great for my S-Class.<br> <br> My driving habits? I baby my Benz. No hard cornering, no rapid accelleration except for getting on the freeway, no hard braking and I try to only take it out for long freeway trips of 50 miles or more. My wife, unfortunatly, often takes it for short trips to school and to the store.<br> <br> I live in Southern California where temps are rarely below 40. I travel to Las Vegas about 4-6 times per year.<br> <br> From what I've read, Mobil 1 Tri Syn seems to be very popular. Does 20W 50W seem right for me. Walmart seems to have the best price.<br> <br> Thanxxx i advance for any input.
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I use Mobil 1 in all my cars. No problems. I take very good care of my cars, but I do not baby them -- once they are warmed up.<br> <br> '92 300SE @162K<br> '00 ML320 @24K<br> '88 Ford F250 with 460CID @ 120K<br> <br> Previously:<br> '94 C280 @ 56K<br> '88 560SL with 113K<br> '71 240Z @ 340K
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