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Should I get the metal or rubber diaphragm rebuild set for my 350SLC's fuel distributor?

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Hi all, i'm new on the forum, so nice to meet you :)

I'm rebuilding my 350SLC's fuel distributor because the control piston was binding and the o rings around the metering slots were cracked and leaking. I've seen two variants of rebuild kits on the market; one with a stainless steel diaphragm as originally fitted on my distributor (so called 1st gen) and a variant with a rubber membrane.(so called 3rd gen. A 2nd gen set doesn't seem to exist) The sets seem otherwise identical.

What option should I go for, and does anyone know why two variants are available? I guess the 3rd gen rubber variant was an improvement, but i'm a bit reluctant with the ever increasing ethanol concentration of our precious petrol.. I guess this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find it on this forum or on google.

Anyway thanks!
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5 years ago I had a problem with one of my cylinder constantly carbon up and now firing well on my 1980 450SL. I replaced the injector and seals and still the same. I purchased a kit from CIS-Jetronic for around $100.00. I never did this before but watching videos on the subject and talking to someone from CIS, I was able to fix my problem by rebuilding the fuel distributor. I'm no mechanic by any means. I believe as its hard to remember but some of the 0-rings were really bad and some other components were faulty.
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