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Should I get the metal or rubber diaphragm rebuild set for my 350SLC's fuel distributor?

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Hi all, i'm new on the forum, so nice to meet you :)

I'm rebuilding my 350SLC's fuel distributor because the control piston was binding and the o rings around the metering slots were cracked and leaking. I've seen two variants of rebuild kits on the market; one with a stainless steel diaphragm as originally fitted on my distributor (so called 1st gen) and a variant with a rubber membrane.(so called 3rd gen. A 2nd gen set doesn't seem to exist) The sets seem otherwise identical.

What option should I go for, and does anyone know why two variants are available? I guess the 3rd gen rubber variant was an improvement, but i'm a bit reluctant with the ever increasing ethanol concentration of our precious petrol.. I guess this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find it on this forum or on google.

Anyway thanks!
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I would think the 3rd gen is cheaper to manufacture, and hence the change. If it was mine, I'd go with the stainless, especially with you having to buy fuel with ethanol. I'm glad I can still buy real gas in this State. California and a few other states have ONLY ethanol gas available.
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