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Need advice quick!!
Its a 98 SL 500 Sport w/ panoramic roof. 50,600 miles, silver on black. $25,950 + tax!!
AMG rim lips scratched, tail lights out per indicator on dash, sevice light shows wrench with negative number. 6 disc changer. Clean per carfax.

Good Deal?????
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Not the best deal but not a bad one either. If you have been looking for a SL, go for it.

"AMG rim lips scratched, tail lights out per indicator on dash, sevice light shows wrench with negative number" means the owner didn't treat the car very well there.
Price is not bad but I would seriously have it checked out by a qualified Mercedes mechanic first. AN SL can be very expensive to repair and you could be easily into $2000.00 to $4000.00 range for repairs. Be sure to factor that in. If you pay 25K plus and then have another 4K in repairs, this is not a good deal.
There are services available for a pre purchase inspection. This is vital if the car is a long distance away. I found that the dealer is the most thorough and resonable for this service. arrange to have the car brought to the nearest dealer and you will pay for the inspection. This will range from $95 to $200. Talk to the service rep for a while and explain to him the situation and that you would like for everything checked from top operation, original paint, damage/repair work, and a test drive.
Happy hunting.
Sl600 is on its way!
Im taking it to a dealer on monday. The seller is a wholesale dealer. He wants me to come there today and leave a $400 dollar deposit. Im gonna tell him ill just wait till monday and give hime a deposit after the car is checked out. Today is Saturday. Slim chance someone will buy the car today right? lol
Good plan. Having it examined by a mechanic can save you from a bundle of heart ache down the road. Remember, it's not the only SL ever made. If you don't get this one, another will show up.
Good luck.
I have been specifically looking for a silver 96-98 with low miles in the low $20K. They are hard to come by in the midwest. i have been lookin for over a year. Now i find this one and its a Sport version with back seats too!

So im a little stoked now. But I wont let that affect my decision. I have been through that before!
Just got back from the dealer. Its due for B service package, steering shock leaking $129, rear break pads and rotors need replacing $475, passenger tail light out, and 2 rear tires worn on inside down to belts (visible).

Talked seller down $200 bucks for tires.

Now $25,750.00

Still a good deal?
Well im not really pushin it because i know its a good buy with it being a sport and having the panoramic top. In this market it seems like a great deal.
Trust me. I have bought plenty of cars and know how to act like i dont want it!
sounds like a very good deal to me 1998 the strongest motor very good reputation 2 cams 4 valves pr cyl more hp than the next years,panoramic roof wow! low miles (bullet proof engine) go for it
Congrats on your purchase. Looking forward to seeing the pics!
You are now an offical SL'ster.

Good luck and Congrads

Congrats & have fun! Change your name, now from Fizzle to Fire!
SL 500

Next time your shopping for SL's... Check this out!

you can check your
chassis number "WDB 129 etc..." and get a full report of the car build,
quite amazing.
Hey guys. 10 years later and I am still happy with my choice! Just wanted to come back and thank everyone for the advice!
I just wish our SL were holding their value better these days. However, everytime I get a compliment or a thumbs up in passing, the value goes up to me! LOL
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Great man, you paid alot,but it was back then
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