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Should I buy '77 240d, won't start?

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Hey all, I found a '77 240d. Very Very clean, except for a few minor paint abnormalities and the front seats are pretty worn. He said he'd take $200 for it. LEt me explain:

It was an every day commuter , second owner, maintained regularly until NOV last year. At that point the car just all of a sudden died going down the road. The owner towed it to a Mercedes Dealership (Uh, they aren't the right guys to work on these cars, I think) and they told him the injector pump was bad and would need rebuilt and replaced.

I kind of found this hard to believe because I have read and been told that it was/is pretty rare for those to go out on these cars. Some people were saying sometimes they just need cleaned, retimed, or the fuel filters/screens replaced. But if it was the latter, wouldn't that have caused a gradual sluggishness, ending in a no start?

Other things I noticed were that the airconditioner belt looked snapped or cut and there was oil all over the block and head in the vicinity of the IP (front driverside).

I am not an expert, but do have a little mechanical background (used to fix up corvairs, yeah I know . . .). Selling my (the bank's) car and looking for a reliable commuter for my little family.

What do you think? Do you think it is the injector pump? I see them for $150 on Ebay, but the local Euro shop says it is $1600 to rebuild. What are the chances that I will be able to get it to run WITHOUT buying or rebuilding the IP? And if I can't, do you think I can part it out to cover what I bought it for?
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Hi. I saw somewhere in this thread that someone quoted $1500 to get the IP rebuilt. I don't know where that came from, but I just got my IP rebuilt for $650 at Atlas Diesel, a factory-authorized Bosch shop here in SoCal.
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