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Should I buy '77 240d, won't start?

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Hey all, I found a '77 240d. Very Very clean, except for a few minor paint abnormalities and the front seats are pretty worn. He said he'd take $200 for it. LEt me explain:

It was an every day commuter , second owner, maintained regularly until NOV last year. At that point the car just all of a sudden died going down the road. The owner towed it to a Mercedes Dealership (Uh, they aren't the right guys to work on these cars, I think) and they told him the injector pump was bad and would need rebuilt and replaced.

I kind of found this hard to believe because I have read and been told that it was/is pretty rare for those to go out on these cars. Some people were saying sometimes they just need cleaned, retimed, or the fuel filters/screens replaced. But if it was the latter, wouldn't that have caused a gradual sluggishness, ending in a no start?

Other things I noticed were that the airconditioner belt looked snapped or cut and there was oil all over the block and head in the vicinity of the IP (front driverside).

I am not an expert, but do have a little mechanical background (used to fix up corvairs, yeah I know . . .). Selling my (the bank's) car and looking for a reliable commuter for my little family.

What do you think? Do you think it is the injector pump? I see them for $150 on Ebay, but the local Euro shop says it is $1600 to rebuild. What are the chances that I will be able to get it to run WITHOUT buying or rebuilding the IP? And if I can't, do you think I can part it out to cover what I bought it for?
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for $200 you can easily make your money back parting it out, as long as everything is in decent shape
nope IP has to be for a 240D, OM616

probably not the IP, but you never know

find out where the oil came from, and you will most likely find your answer.

is the engine seized?

check the oil line's going to the IP

is there a reading on the dipstick?

changing the IP is not very hard
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Hi. I saw somewhere in this thread that someone quoted $1500 to get the IP rebuilt. I don't know where that came from, but I just got my IP rebuilt for $650 at Atlas Diesel, a factory-authorized Bosch shop here in SoCal.
ouch!! i have 2 spares. just in case :D
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