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Shorter Lug Nuts?

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i bought aftermarket rims for my SL (R129) these rims were designed for the SL, but they had shorter lugnuts that came with them original. well i bought these used and the seller didnt have them. they are Antera rims. right now my lugnuts are too long in the back and they hit the brake caliper's. i need to loose between 10mm and 15mm. i bought a set of 15mm spacers BUT with those on, the wheels stick out too far and the tires rub the quarter panels.. is there a company i can buy shorter lug nuts from? and if so, what are the size of my stock lugnuts?
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Yeah, I recently had pretty much the same problem your encountering with the wheel studs being too long, plus to top it off the chrome studs that were supposed to fit my E320 were too long, so to fix the problem I had them turned by a machine shop. Its a pretty easy fix, I'm sure you can find someone with a Lathe to part them off for you.
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