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Short stud?

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OK... now that the giggles have subsided and I have your attention... I have a 1985 380SE that was running on the stock 14"(all be it Chrome) rims... so the wheel studs/bolts were the 29.5 mm variety.... I have just purchased a set of 16" that were on an 82' SEC... my guess is that they were originally from a gen II s class... The off set is fine they are 7.5J16H2... the the new rims are the 8 D / hole... the 14" are the 14 hole classic (i think style 107)

Now the hard part... the thickness of the old rims appears to be thicker by about 9.5 mm than the new 16" rims... need to grab my metric calipers from the office... should I run the steel 21mm bolts? or is there another length better suited?

before :


not my ride... but these are the rims... sorry for the highjacked photo

please advice
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Chances are that the new wheel 7.5x16 is an aftermarket copy of the Mercedes wheel ( 126 CH Gen 1 or 2 never came with 16" wheels stock ) and will most likely take cone or tapper seat lug bolt as compared to the original wheels that used a ball seat lug bolt, can`t interchange the two styles, will not hold the wheel properly and will eventually work it`s way loose. here is a place that carries all the different styles and lenght. Welcome to Otis Inc., LA
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