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2014 E350 station wagon gasoline
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Hi all.

This is rather embarrassing but I can't get that blo*dy little plastic ring in there for the life of me. I am trying to change the front one, as it is gone and the noise it's making is annoying.
I lie under the car, using a foot long screwdriver trying to push in the bushing and it seem that there is no way in h*ll that it can fit in there. I even cut the bushing so as to make it more flexible but no luck. Is it the green one or the black one that goes to the front?
I am trying to muscle in the green one.
Can anyone tell me the technique they are using?
G-AMG's DIY is for the rear one, I am battling the front on one on the W210 where the linkage with the hole where the bushing goes is not removable. (Of course the rod connecting the front and the rear bushings is removable.)
The space is very limited so I just can't figure it out. I asked the dealer here in Japan and he said they usually use a screwdriver to push it in place.
I am stumped, any help would be appreciated.


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