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2009 E350 4Matic
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Dear All
Is shift preassure valve correct name of the part (valve responsible for timing of gear shift) I was told this part is inside the trans "shift pressure valve is in the valve body" and is probably the reason of my shifting troubles.

1.What is the price for this thing as I can not find any info on this piece?
and where to buy it?
2. Do I have to replace the whole valve body or just valve itself can be replace?
3. How many hrs is needed to do this repacement "normal" for mechanic?
4. Is that true that trans will also store error codes and those codes can show whats up?

This post is my last chance to save my E420 as replacing trans is not an option any more. Please advise

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I think the part you are hunting for is the vacuum modulator. It controls how "hard/soft" the transmission hits gears. Located on the drivers side of the transmission and is adjustable.

If the shift points are the problem, search for "bowden cable adjustment". What is the problem anyway? You say that it's your last chance to save the car as a new transmission is out of question. You can get a rebuilt transmission installed for under $2K. I know that's real money, but certainly less than the cost of another car.

Good Luck,

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