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Packers' shareholders must follow NFL rules
NFL Commissioner has ability to fine stock owners

Updated: Tuesday, 06 Dec 2011, 3:44 PM CST
Published : Tuesday, 06 Dec 2011, 3:44 PM CST

Ben Krumholz, FOX 11 News

GREEN BAY - People looking to participate in the Packers' 2011 stock offering are being asked to read the fine print, which includes NFL rules for shareholders.

The NFL rules are highlighted in the 20-page offering document for the Packers' stock sale.

NFL rules prohibit any shareholder of an NFL club to do anything detrimental to the league. Detrimental acts in the rules include owning a financial interest in any other NFL club or other professional football organization, acting as an agent for an NFL player or publicly criticizing any NFL team, employee or football official.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also has the ability to fine any shareholder for an NFL team. Goodell can fine a shareholder up to $500,000 for detrimental conduct. He can also fine shareholders up to $5,000 for betting on an NFL game.

Goodell also has the power to force a shareholder to sell his or her stock. The NFL would have the right to repurchase the stock at $0.025 per share.
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