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Severe wear on inside of both front tires.

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Upon exiting the parking lot of my high school this afternoon, someone yelled to me to point out that I have a very flat tire on the driver's side front wheel. The repair was easy (thanks to my full-sized spare tire in the trunk) BUT there's a little issue. Under scrutiny, it was discovered that I have a strip of approximately one centimeter wide almost completely worn through all the way around the inside edge of both tires.<br> This made the front view of my car, below the bumper, look more or less like this:<br> ._________________________.<br> ) #( )# (<br> \____#/ \#____/<br> <br> The #'s represent the area where the tire is worn clear through the rubber those metal wires that are run deep in the tire for reinforcement.<br> <br> A friend suggested that maybe my front coil springs are worn out, but my stepfather insists that the camber of the wheels is out of adjustment. Are either of these probable, and does anyone have any other ideas as to what the problem might be? Also, might this be responsible for the chatter in the steering wheel that starts at 65mph?<br> <br> Thanks<br> -DocBlasto
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I have an update to this message: Just this morning I put my snow tires on the back, and moved my back tires to the front (so I could drive safely until I got the front two tires replaced). To my delight, the 70mph shimmy in the steering wheel is totally gone! (and it doesn't even happen clear up through 80mph!) Is it possible that an off-balance weight in the front could have ruined both of the tires AND accounted for the instability at high speeds on the freeway?<br> <br> An answer would be much appreciated... keep on driving!<br> -Jerrold
from what u say, i think id agree with your stepfather on this one.<br> <br> i had asimmilar problem a while back but not to the same extent.<br>
Had the same problem. An old mercedes benz suspension will sag and the wheel camber will be off. Try to find a good mechanic to check alignment this solution seemed to help me alot,and only cost about 30 bucks. When the wheels are alligned correctly it will improve handling greatly, reduce tire noise and keep the tires from wearing unevenly
old merz suspension

what may also happen is wear on the rubber bushings etc.
my 80 300d wore all 4 tires on the inside.
replacing the shocks with bilsteins rapidly imporved the situation and returned the point and shoot handling. some wear pattern remains, but 5 alignment shops and 2 merz dealers have told me the same thing:
the car is riding "low" because of the bushings, while
at rest the alignment is at factory spec.
driving the daylights outa the poor thing doesn;t help, but that tends to be my style.
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