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Service Due Light

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anyone know how to manually reset the service due indicator on the dash? I took the car in and had some work done, including changing the oil...I asked the service guy if he would reset it and he said not unless i get the Service One done. I read somewhere here that there was a way to do this....<br> <br> I have a 99 CLK 430...<br> <br> any help would be appreciated.<br> <br> Thanks
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Service reset 99 clk 430

I used this method for my 99 clk 430 and it worked like a charm all other methods did not work for my ride.

1. Turn key to position 2 and within 5 seconds press odometer reset button twice.
2. Turn key to position 1 then press and hold the reset button while turning key back to position 2.
3. Continue to hold reset button untill buzzer sounds or new 10000 mile interval is displayed on odometer.
cheers johnsmohr111,:beerchugr: works like a charm... :thumbsup:
cheers johnsmohr111,:beerchugr: works like a charm... :thumbsup:
No Problem Evovirus. :thumbsup:
u guys r AWSOME!!!! works like a CHARM :D thank youuuu
Reset the due date!

RTFM is what I have to say...


Sorry ,Miller Lites
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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