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Absolutely agree - the only thing relevant in the above pictured display is mileage remaining and the single spanner - the rest will come from ESS.[/QUOTE
hello MB David and DEVOURS. Thank you for the reply. I bought the car at an auction and it did not come with any manuals or records unfortunately. Currently, the mileage shows 144K . The dash shows one spanner(wrench)

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So it's an A service with some additional items.

Ideally you'd want to get a country-specific service schedule (from Mercedes), and then just assume that, whatever is due, must be done.

Again, just to get a general idea - here's what would be due, if it was a UK vehicle.
The result are not accurate (as it's UK spec), but at least you know what roughly to expect:

Brake fluid and sparks are (to me) a strictly professional service territory, but engine oil and certainly dust and air filters, can be changed DIY without much effort.

Also since you mentioned that, you don't have a manual, here's a pdf version of the Owner's Manual for you :grin

It's for the facelift (so don't expect your car to park itself), but mostly relevant.

The head unit will be different too.

(the file is too large to attach here, so it's a link to WeTransfer service - they keep it online for a week)

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Here in Canada the "letters" mean nothing to the dealers..

They just go by the mileage showing and what was previously done on your car...and then they go from there..
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