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Hi Guys,

Just did my 1st Service B (2002 CLK320), a big rip off. A list of stuffs recommend to be replaced. After checking with some parts dealer, they price qouted by MB is way way too much than the parts i get from other parts dealer not mentioning the labour cost. :crybaby2:

1) Fuel filter need to replace
2) Tramission sump gaket need to replace
3) Pilot bushing need to replace
4) Gear box mounting need to replace
5) Spark plugs need to replace
6) Idler pulley need to replace

Any expert out there have clear instruction on how i can replace the above myself? Looking at the list, i think the simplest is the spark plug. Does anyone here have clear instruction with pics on how i can DIY my spark plugs replacement?

Appreciate if someone can help. I know some item above might be too hard for a non mechanics to do. :bowdown:

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