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Howdy all...

A noob quistion but need some answers on this since is my first MB I dont really know how the Service Warning indicator works..

The thing is when I bought this car it has just rounded 183.000km
and I cant really see when last oil+filter change was done only last year 16-05-2011 it was changed but km is been left out of the service-card else is been followed since it´s it came on the road from birth...

Now I saw the Service A in 3500Km when I bought the car but had some problems led change ect and by mistake I resseted the dash and can now see it is just back to when I bought it showing now Service A 4500Km..

Now I am doing the oil+filter change must do, but my quistion is what then? Do I resset the dashboard again so it fits the Service A once more or?
And how is it is Service A each = 4700Km or what? I am little confused here and I cant know if it has been resset I bought the car of a car dealer and not dirrect from the owner wich make is a bit diff asking this to the previous owner?
I just was informed that oil+filter change should be done aprox each 10.000km..

What do I do know I messed up the correct km/milages for Service warning I think, is there any way to reverse it to its defaults so it actually fits the correct service intervals?
I cant imagine I need to do a service each 4700km it sounds a bit stupid lol...
but of course better be sure than sorry..

Must add is German importet hehe of course is German Car but really I bought it from Germany and got all the Mercedes Service Cards in the service book only last year hasnt been documented with Kilometers only Date what a bummer...

Hope someone can answer my little noob quistion.
In advance thanks..

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yeah reset it with the steering wheel

if you just changed the oil, reset it with the steering wheel controls. It will be changed over to service B.

Look up the maintenace procedures for each service interval and you can do this all yourself.

Save alot of money as well.

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A few points here. MB service is based on ASSYST (active service system)

1. As was stated above, if you reset a Service A, it will now be set for a Service B, and vice-versa.

2. The period between service A & B is calculated in the Instrument Cluster by considering a number of factors:

a) type of journeys (long or short)
b) number of cold starts
c) number of high speeds
d) based on use of engine oil to MB spec 229.3 which is OK for 15k km.
e) you can exceed this using oil to MB spec 229.5 which is OK for up to 30k km, provided you use a fleece filter.

This is just about the oil changes. Service A has a number of inspections also. Service B has a greater number of inspections. There are also recommended distances/periods for other fluids, eg, brake, steering, ATF, coolant. All the details are in the Service handbook.

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Ok it is that simple`?

Awesome awesome thank you both and come good news in all this I took contact to the car dealer where I bought the car and got confirmed oil+filter was changed in Maj 2011 and the car has been standing still since just waiting to be bought so apparently I got plenty of K's back before oil change..

But this system is clever I am impressed. Another MB Factor I am stunned about..

Thanks you both of you as you both cleared out some quistions rather important once..

Thanks guys I will keep this in mind..
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