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Don't know what's your experience with testing bearings, but bearing who doesn't have a play and stops fast, indicate good load of grease in it.
The one who spins with no load for long time is mostly dry.
Kajtek - Once I received the new idler and tensioner pulleys and had the old ones on bench, I compared them and you were absolutely right :)

The new/old tensioner pulleys acted about same - Didn't spin easily and made no noise
The idler pulleys were different. The new idler was much like the tensioner pulley - didn't spin for long. The old idler pulley spun freely and made a slight noise.

Both would no doubt have lasted for quite a while yet, but just as well to have changed them along with the new (short) belt. Noise was coming from the A/C clutch - It has now been removed and out of loop (see my other thread)
41 - 42 of 42 Posts