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Selling my CA-Registered '86 280GE

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Any thoughts on whether I should post on e-bay?

So sad to have to give up such a PERFECT car...

C'est la vie!
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Is the puddle on the floor an oil leak from the G? Is there any rust? Any modifications done under the hood? Do you have anymore pictures?
Do you have some contact information (phone number or something) so we can discuss this one-on-one? Thanks.
$30000 starting bid? You better have a good explanation for that. 1979 to 1986 SWB hardtop Gs are going from $5000 (poor/fair condition) to $16000 (excellent) regardless of miles. Who was the former Gov? I know Arnold is still in office and still has his Gs.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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