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US 1991 560SEL
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Check out my ad here on craigslist:
1991 Mercedes Benz 560SEL

Mercedes Benz 560 SEL
Newly rebuilt 5.6L V8 Engine
New gaskets nearly everywhere
New timing chain and chain guides
New water pump
New air and oil filters
Air/Fuel ratio is spot-on
EGR / Smog Delete
4 speed automatic, no slipping
Hauls ass like the day it came from the factory
Makes 90% of the original factory horsepower
Stock everything.
Tires and battery in great condition

Cold AC
Windows, seat heaters, seat and headrest adjustments,sunroof, etc...

Radio works only when it wants to
Valve height adjustment (tool included)

Comes with:
Synthetic transmission fluid in box
New brake pads AND rotors in box
Replacement fuel door, side mirror covers
A bunch of backup gaskets for engine and AC system
Loads of additional parts not used during the rebuild, extra intake manifold, that sort of stuff.

This is my weekend fixer-upper project. I bought it with a useless engine and spent 6 months and about $5k rebuilding it myself with great care. The internals are spotless and free from sludge. The only place where I may have overlooked is in adjusting the valve heights. I bought the tool for it but I'm moving out of state and have no more time to invest in this labor of love. Unfortunately, I won't be able to bring the car with me. I'll be glad to show you everything I know about it. Right now though, I would have no hesitation to put miles on it as it is.

Video of acceleration out of my driveway:


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