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1998 Mercedes S420
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$600 - 76 450 SLC - been sitting forever never worked on it.
Good for parts, or you could fix it up. Has a bunch of things that need work.

Here's whats wrong:
Power steering pumps probably on its way out.
Needs a new flex plate
Leaks trans fluid (don't know if its the line or the gasket) Shifts smooth, gotta top it off every week though.
Headlight Switch needs replacement
AC has no belt attached
Speedo broke at 70k miles
3 years backed registration

The positives, the engine is in good condition, has a lot of pickup and go (can still get this baby up to 85 on the freeway with easy). Doesn't smoke.

Clean Title. Body is in decent shape, a couple dents.

Seats are in decent condition, except the drivers seat butt area is ripped.

If your just looking for a cheap parts car you'll pull tons of parts off this:
Engine / Transmission
Radiator resevoir
Radiator Core Support
Master cylinder
Turn Signals
Fog Lights
Front Fenders
Front Bumper
Rear Bumper (left rubber boot is messed up need a new one, right ones good)
Trunk Lid
All chrome trim
All switches work
Low mileage dashboard if you fix the gears
Wood trim is in great shape
Passenger Seat
Rear Seat
Louvre Windows are great, no paint cracking
Door Panels are excellent
Window Motors
Rear Lenses and Assembly

THE LIST COULD GO ON. $600 bucks it runs and drives, if your in socal you can come pick it up. I have the Pinkslip.

Just PM me.
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