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Selling my 300DT in Tampa

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Well, it might be time for a new adventure. I have a rather nice 1982 300DT, and I've been more and more feeling like switching back to motorvating on two wheels, rather than four.

Unfortunately the interest in these cars seems to be rather low, so depending on offers, I may or may not keep it. If interested, drop me a line.

Here is the link to it on Craigslist: Mercedes 300D Turbo - Trade for Motorcycle

Also ... aside from the usual mechanical odds and ends, I also stripped the car and repainted it. With a coat of corrosion inhibitor under the primer, and then four base coats and three clear coats, I didn't take any short cuts. I used factory spec Glaserit paint, which was ridiculously expensive - came out nice though. The car had no rust before, aside from the lip under the front bumper, and a small spot low on one of the wheel wells.
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