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seeking some general w113 thoughts

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Hi all- I just picked up a '66 230SL. it's in reasonable shape and I'm looking forward to fixing her up and bringing her back in shape. Now, knowing that one can pour a fortune into one of these, I have a couple of foundational questions:
Upon closer review i see that a'66 250SE motor has been installed. What does this fact mean for any restoration project?
Also, while originally (& presently) equipped with an automatic trans, i would much prefer the 4-speed manual. Would this type of swap-out devastate any restored version resale value?
Thanks in advance! I welcome all thoughts & comments.
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I don't think that the engine swap will have much impact on your car's value. The 250 engine was installed in the 250SL so it's really not a huge deal. I prefer the manual as well but well known pagoda restorer Gernold Nisius of SL-Tech in Arundel, ME feels that the automatic transmission is better suited for these cars. These are not super high value automobiles so do the swap if you want. If it were a low mileage, well maintained survivor, I'd consider keeping it stock.
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