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seeking some general w113 thoughts

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Hi all- I just picked up a '66 230SL. it's in reasonable shape and I'm looking forward to fixing her up and bringing her back in shape. Now, knowing that one can pour a fortune into one of these, I have a couple of foundational questions:
Upon closer review i see that a'66 250SE motor has been installed. What does this fact mean for any restoration project?
Also, while originally (& presently) equipped with an automatic trans, i would much prefer the 4-speed manual. Would this type of swap-out devastate any restored version resale value?
Thanks in advance! I welcome all thoughts & comments.
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You would do well to check SL113.ORG.
+1 Benzworld isn't the place to get info on Pagodas. sl113 is excellent for this type of thing.
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