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280 ge and 300gd
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O no the parts bins been raided again!.

Its the first time Ive seen the creation, er yes.
Hearse yes agree with that.

Whilst the G is a utility at least you know what its meant to be and where in the market its aimed.
Probably the same with L/R and similar at least its adefined market sector, and age group, this well I ask you.

I think that the bum view of it, uncomfortable is what my gut reaction would be and a prototype that they hadnt found the right parts to fit.

Mercedes in general seem to have gone from very rational quality and evolving designs improved model by model to style disasters that dont quite fit the market and will become far more futuristic and disposable.

Look at the European market how many Mercedes do you see that are capable of being used from taxi to statemobile basically the same shape 123,124 and the later ones.

Who is this machine marketed for and is it a worker or a personality extension

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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